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Stop that Dog Chewing! Solutions for Shoes and Other Items

Dog Chewing on Shoe Problem
What is the real reason for the chomping?


Stop that Dog Chewing! Solutions for Shoes and Other Items

So, you’re having a problem with your dog chewing on those shoes, eh? Don’t worry; there are a few ways you can tackle your problem!

bored pups chew shoes

Does your pup have behavior or separation anxiety?

Dog Chewing Shoes – Find the Cause

Any good dog trainer or behaviorist will ask you Why your dog is eating up your sneakers, and then suggest you tackle the cause of the behavior. You don’t try to cure a disease by handing out cough drops, right? Sure, it may stop the incessant coughing, but the underlying cause, the bigger problem, is still there.

Does pup’s munching behavior stem from separation anxiety? If that is the case, you’ll need to condition (slowly, over time) your dog to being alone. Or is it a simple case of boredom? If boredom is the answer, your doctor will probably order more exercise and perhaps other toys. Remember, dog’s use scent in the same way we use fingerprints. 

If you find and fix the reason your pup is expending energy on your foot-wear, they will likely stop. Problem solved!

Sometimes, dogs chew on clothing for the very same reasoning they chew on shoes. Does your dog kill your clothes?

Chewing can be an addictive behavior; sometimes, even if the underlying cause is solved, the dog will continue. If that is the case, you can do one of many things:

dog chewing deterrent

natural sprays can deter chewing on furniture or other household items

Bitter Spray

Many pet stores offer spray deterrents that dogs don’t enjoy, specifically formulated to discourage chewing. We prefer the natural option of spraying Apple Cider Vinegar on the furniture or other strong-smelling ingredients.

Though you probably don’t want your feet to stink (any more than normal), this is an option to consider. The spray might be a better idea for furniture than clothing…

Put Your Shoes Away!

This one is perhaps the most ‘common sence’ of the answers to your problem. Why not just put your shoes where your pup can’t get to them?

Unfortunately, we are human; we forget things. Said owner probably isn’t going to remember to put his/her shoes away 100% of the time. And shoes can get expensive! We could be talking a $200 pair of Jordan’s or a $500 pair of heels; forgetting about those would be a mistake.

This also does nothing for the underlying cause. Neither would the spray, for that matter.

dogs love sneakers

Your pups favorite sneakers are probably your favorite as well.

Show them Not to Chew

It’s important to correct your pup; show him or her ‘chewing’ is not acceptable. Be gentle, mind you; being overly aggressive with your correction could cause your pooch to become fearful. A simple but firm ‘No’, accompanied with a toy you would prefer they chew on, will do.

This behavior probably isn’t going to disappear the first time; just like any trick, conditioning over time is necessary.

To control the cravings, give your pooch plenty of chewing options and reinforce positive praise when they choose properly; we have also found some rawhide chews that seem a lot like shoes themselves.

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