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Neighbor’s Dog Always Barking? What You Can Do To Stop It

5 Tips to get your neighbor's dog to stop barking


Neighbor’s Dog Always Barking? What You Can Do To Stop It

Dog Barking in Yard

Got issues with your neighbor’s barking dog? Obviously, we are pet lovers here at Sit Boo Boo! But sometimes, the yapping of neighbor’s dog drives us crazy.

Maybe every time you walk by, your neighbor’s dog roars through the fence like an attack dog. Or, the Pomeranian a few houses over sends up a chorus of yips at all hours of the day and night.

Whatever kind of barker your neighbor’s dog is, we’re here to help! Read on for a few tips and tricks for confronting this issue head on. Soon you’ll have peace and quiet in the neighborhood again.

1. First steps – Talk to your Neighbor!

two female neighbors talking

Oh, we know. This can be tough. It’s hard to be upfront and keep a good relationship with the people who live next to us. After all, you could run into them any day at any time. And we don’t want to feel awkward!

But taking drastic steps before having this conversation could make things worse.

Who knows! They might already know about the situation. And they are trying to train their pup to stop his bad behavior.

Or maybe they don’t even know about the problem because it happens while they are at work. Some pooches have attachment issues and bark out of loneliness.

We don’t want to make assumptions.

Try to be neutral when you go into this conversation. Be casual and apologetic. And use a kind and friendly tone to stop them from feeling defensive.

Make sure it happens face to face! Writing a note or sending an email can come off as passive aggressive. Even if you don’t mean to be.

And having this conversation in person is the easiest way to make sure it isn’t ignored.

Avoiding this conversation about your neighbor’s dog makes you a part of the problem.

It’s likely that your neighbors are first-time canine owners and they aren’t sure what to do. Get on their good side by being compassionate.

neighbor's dog bark speech bubbles

And, you can gently point them in the direction of dog training resources. We’ve even got a handy guide on our site that helps with bark interpretation.

Pro Tip:

If you really don’t feel comfortable talking to your neighbor or they are complete strangers, it is okay to write a letter. Leave an anonymous note that is kind and tied with a dog treat. (If you need help writing this letter, there are resources available here and here.) This way, you avoid coming across as aggressive.


2. Go Straight to the Source – Your Neighbor’s Dog

lap jumps on fence

Did your neighbors just move into their house? Or maybe you are the new one!

The fella next-door is likely unfamiliar with you and your scent. Try to spend time interacting with the fur ball so that he knows you.

With your neighbor’s permission, experts recommend that you offer treats to the neighbor’s dog.

Pet expert, Janet Velenovsky, explains that this will help the animal associate you with rewards. You will no longer be alarming or upsetting to him.

Also, when meeting a strange dog make sure to use “polite” body language.

Don’t glare. Don’t lean over. Be quiet and patient.

If you have a busy schedule and the pup spends a lot of time in his backyard, we have another solution for you. Line up some old clothes, shoes, or other belongings along your backyard fence. That way the neighbor’s dog can get used to your scent even if you aren’t there.

If that doesn’t work, and the troublemaker still barks every time you go to your backyard, the sight of you might be the problem.

Experts recommend putting up a fence screen or planting some tall shrubbery along the fence dividing your yards. Fido is probably trying to guard his territory. Removing the sight of you will remove the danger he feels.


3. Try a Dog Whistle or Sonic Training Device


neighbor's dog whistle


If the first two suggestions haven’t stopped the barking, it might be time to train the neighbor’s dog from the comfort of your own home using a dog whistle.

Dog whistles produce sound at too high a pitch for humans to hear. And pups have extremely good hearing. Which is why the sound drives them crazy. (Don’t worry – it doesn’t hurt them! It’s just annoying. Like nails down a chalkboard for canines.)

How to Train with a Dog Whistle

  1. Buy one online or at a pet store. (Or, if you have a smartphone, you can try out a whistle app!)

  2. Keep the whistle on hand or somewhere easy to access

  3. Blow the whistle whenever you hear woofing

  4. At first, it could make the pet yap more because he hates the sound. But he will realize that barking causes that awful sound

  5. Soon, noise issues will be a problem of the past!

If you think that these steps will take too much time, you can try a sonic training device. Some cost up to $80, so make sure to do your research to find the perfect one.

To set it up, hang it in a tree that faces your neighbor’s yard. Every time the next-door puppy barks, it will produce the same high pitch as a dog whistle.

4. The Drastic Step – File a Noise Complaint

Filing of an Official Noice Complaint

If you have tried all our other tips multiple times, it may be time to try the extreme.

Before taking this step, check the local laws or municipal codes of your community.

Most neighborhoods and apartment buildings have rules about noise level. This includes the consistent barking of a doggy. Especially if it happens in the middle of the night.

For example, Los Angeles says “excessive noise” is “unreasonably annoying, disturbing, offensive or which unreasonably interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life.” Most places have laws that are the same.

You can file a formal complaint with your landlord, homeowner’s association, animal control, or even the police.

In certain areas, animal services can charge people whose dogs are too noisy.

After a complaint is filed, your neighbors will receive a warning. If the problem doesn’t stop, they could be called to court.

Again, this is the last resort and could cause major fights with your neighbors! Be careful and try other actions first!

5. One Last Thing

SmartBark Collar Product

If you are at fault and it’s your dog that is the noisy one, we have a solution. Check out our shop, where we have multiple bark collars for sale. We even launched a new Pro Series collar that has incredible results!

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