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Dog food is confusing! What the heck do I feed my dog?

labrador eating dog food from metal bowl


Dog food is confusing! What the heck do I feed my dog?

Let’s talk about dog food.

Alright, so you’ve brought home your new furry friend and are totally smitten. Naturally, you want to be a good parent. So you’ve loaded up on toys, bedding, treats, training gear and more.

Then it dawns on you. “What dog food do I choose?”

This is a very important thing that comes up when you take a new pup home.

Of course, you want healthy and safe chow. But with so many choices and trends in the dog food world, it’s really overwhelming. (Seriously, just google “raw dog food.”)

So before you talk to your vet (always our #1 suggestion) or invest in expensive kibble, let’s get back to the basics. After all, choosing the right food for your pup can affect everything from his mood to his teeth.

Like us, dogs need six basic elements for excellent health. They are protein, vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, and water.


bowl of dog food meat


Protein is the best source for gaining good calories. It plays an important role in a dog’s health, as it’s responsible for growth, repair of tissues and health.

Meat meal is the most favored type of protein because it is in a highly condensed form.


dog eating carrots


There are two types of vitamins.

One – fat soluble, which is the vitamins A, D, E and K. Your pup stores these in their body.

Two – water soluble. Water-soluble includes all the complex vitamins, like B and C. Dogs need to eat and replace these regularly.




Minerals are really important for your dog’s bone and teeth health.

Calcium and phosphorous are two of these minerals. Dogs need them in their daily diet.




Natural fatty acids are also essential because they make or break your dog’s skin and hair.

These are easy for dogs to eat, as they add excellent texture and flavor to meals!



Carbohydrates are equally necessary for your a doggy’s health. So, look to real vegetables, brown rice, and fruit to maintain healthy bowels.




Lastly, a pooch needs water so his body can transport waste and nutrients.

To keep your furry friend healthy and happy, always have a clean bowl of water out!


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