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Amazing Cats & Kittens – Surprising and Fun Feline Facts

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Amazing Cats & Kittens – Surprising and Fun Feline Facts

Are you a dog person, but still like these furry felines? Read on to learn some facts about amazing cats.

1. Amazing cats are unbelievably old!

Amazing cat facts. Evidence suggests domesticated cats have been around since 3600 BC. 2,000 years before Egypt’s pharaohs! Sure, wild cats are old, but domesticated cats?

A burial mound from 3800 BC contained six cats. This indicates humans cherished cats as either pets or companions. Mind you – these are still domesticated cats, not their wild ancestors. The question arises then – how old are cats, exactly?

2. Amazing cats sweat through their feet!

Amazing Cats Sweat through Feet

Like most dog breeds, cats don’t have regular sweat glands like humans. But, they can sweat through their foot pads!

But, there are hairless breeds of dogs and cats. There’s the sphinx, a hairless cat breed. And, the Chinese Crested, the hairless breed of the dogs. Both of these breeds can actually sweat because they are hairless. Don’t forget about this on a hot day! Even hairless animals need grooming and baths.

3. Amazing cats have incredible hearing!

Amazing Cat Ears & Hearing

Both dogs and cats are able to hear better than us humans.

But unlike dogs and their insane sense of smell, a cat’s hearing is its strongest attribute. Humans can distinguish sounds as high as about 20 kHz, but cats can go as far as 64 kHz! They can also move their ears 180 degrees and one at a time, giving them a better ability to ‘funnel’ sound.

They can also move their ears 180 degrees and one at a time, giving them a better ability to “funnel” sound.

4. Ever Wonder Why they Rub?

Cats have scent glands along their tail, forehead, lips, chin, and under their front paws. Unlike dogs that make their territory by urinating, cats will simply themselves against it. Seems a whole lot cleaner, huh?

Amazing cats are actually trying to “mark” you as their own when they rub up against you.

Unfortunately, there are rare times when cats urinate to mark their territory. And (as any cat owner cant tell you) it is be nearly impossible to get rid of the smell if it seeps too deeply.

Like dogs, scent is one of a cat’s primary methods of communication. But, their power of smell is far weaker than even a short nosed pug (perhaps why their urine smells so strong). It’s still about 3x stronger than humans, though!

Stress can be a major contributor to “spraying” or urinating.

5. Amazing cats have glowing eyes (kind of)

Amazing Cat Eyes

Both dogs and cats (and many other nocturnal animals) have a reflective membrane in the back of their eyes called a Tapetum Lucidum. This helps them see better in low light. It acts like a mirror to their retinas, reflecting light back through their eyes.

What does this mean? Cats evolved to have better low light vision. They are superior hunters at night!

6. Ever Wonder Why Cats Don’t Like Water?

While dogs evolved from Grey Wolves, a species with a water repellant coat, cats did not. A cat’s coat doesn’t repel water very well at all. Hence, why most cats tolerate the water if they must, but certainly don’t prefer it.

The Turkish Van is one cat breed who doesn’t experience this problem, and actually seems to enjoy water! Unlike most breeds, their coats are water resistant and insulate them well.

 7. You Can Leave the Candy Out (But Probably Shouldn’t)

Unlike dogs, cats don’t have a ‘sweet tooth’. Though things like chocolate are still just as dangerous for cats as dogs, they aren’t as likely to scoop them up.

All About Chocolate

Milk Chocolate contains very small amounts of a chemical dangerous to animals. It would take several pounds of it to prove fatal.

Dark Chocolate contains far more of the chemical, thus is far more dangerous. It would take a very small amount of dark chocolate to be deadly.

Cocoa Powder is lethal in the full sense of the word. Call your vet immediately if your pooch or kitten consumes any.

If your pet consumes a substance poisonous to them, you can feed them a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to cause vomiting. Your vet will almost certainly recommend this. Vets might not be able to help if the substance digests. Which is the only reason most vets will recommend owners take immediate action.

8. They Were Once Feared

During the time of the Spanish Inquisition, Pope Innocent VIII condemned cats as evil. He then ordered thousands of cats be burned.

Ironically, the feline managed revenge beyond the grave. The widespread killing of cats led to an explosion of the rat population, which increased the problem of the Black Plague. 

During the middle ages, cats were associated with witchcraft. So, they became the victims of all sorts of horrible acts of cruelty. 

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