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Devotion Between Dogs and Their Owners, in 5 Heart Wrenching Tales

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Devotion Between Dogs and Their Owners, in 5 Heart Wrenching Tales

Devotion Between Dogs and Their Owners, in 5 Heart Wrenching Tales

No matter how you define devotion, our canine friends are top of the heap. But have you ever considered just how much we mean to them? How far would our furry pals go for us?

We’ve gathered some of the most emotional, unbelievable acts of canine bravery and loyalty out there; pups that have taken friendship to the next level!

1.  Beloved Pet Shows Unbelievable Devotion at Funeral

Devotion of pet at owners funeral


August 2011 – Heartbreaking images of a Labrador Retriever showing very real human emotion graced newspapers across the country. In Front of 1,500 mourners at the funeral of Navy Seal Jon Tumilson, devoted buddy Hawkeye did a surprising thing.

At the beginning of the service, Hawkeye unbelievably strolled up to the very front of the room to lie down next to his master, proving the loving bond between pet and owner can last beyond death!

2. Lost Dog Rescues Savior’s Child

Devoted small terrier

The unshakable bond existing between pet and owner is rarely as strong as in the case described below.

Stacey Savage knocked on her neighbor Yolanda Sevogia’s door one morning; she had found a small terrier roaming around the local elementary school. Yolanda offered to watch the dog for the remainder of the day.

After printing off numerous ‘Found’ fliers in the hopes that the previous owner would see them, Yolanda took her two sons to purchase some pet supplies, warning the boys not to become two attached. Christian, Yolanda’s 21 year old son,suffered from down syndrome along with  numerous other ailments, having recently undergone heart and kidney surgeries.

Four days later, Yolanda was still looking after ‘RaeLee’; the once lost pup who was quickly becoming part of the family. Upon arriving home from work that afternoon, RaeLee flung himself against the screen door, barking madly. Not a second after crossing the threshold, the erratic dog bolted to the boys room, clearly trying madly to get her attention.

Once she reached the boys’ room, Yolanda immediately understood. If it were not for this stray terrier she had agreed to care for, her son would have died that day.

Yolanda found Christian in the middle of a violent seizure. RaeLee ran over to Christian, but not a second after Yolanda bent over to help him, the dog went silent. “If he hadn’t come to get me, the neurologist said Christian would have choked on his own blood and died,” Yolanda proclaimed.

The following day, Stacey received a call from a man claiming to be the Terrier’s previous owner; he had recognized one of the many ‘found; fliers posted. Stacey began to sob, explaining through soaking tears “That dog saved the life of my best friend’s son!”

When Randy drove to Yolanda’s house to pick up his pooch, he noticed Azaiah crying, and Christian staring through the window. After a short deliberation, Randy said “Maybe Odie was meant to find you; perhaps you should keep him.”

3. Devoted Dog Remains by Masters Grave for Six Years

Devoted Dog and Owner's Grave

Every day at 6 p.m. Capitán lies down beside the grave of his master, Miguel Guzmán. (Photo Cred: SANTIAGO BERIOLI/GENTILEZA LA VOZ DEL INTERIOR )

The bond between dog and human master is unshakable, sometimes devotion even surpassing the grave, as Captain clearly demonstrates.

Captains long time owner, Miguel Guzman from Argentina, had passed away, his body taken far from where he lived with Captain. Ironically, as will soon be explained, Captain had never visited Miguel’s grave before; there was no reason for the dog to know the location of Miguel’s burial.

Even so, the funeral director reported seeing Captain visiting Miguel’s grave, first alone and then with others. Every day, without fail, Captain continues to visit his old master’s grave.

4. Beagle Shows Surprising Reaction at Marine’s Return

Of course dogs are usually pretty happy when their master returns home after a long leave of absence, but one Beagle’s reaction went above and beyond the norm! Check out the video below to see just how surprised ‘Buddy’ was!

5. Adopted Dog Saves Infant’s Life

This rescued pup certainly paid back his new owners, showing devotion beyond anything expected! Exhibiting behavior similar to the Terrier mentioned above, Duke woke his owners up one evening, shaking their bed violently.

Without the miraculous intervention of this amazing dog, their nine week old infant, Hazel, would have asphyxiated in his room. 

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