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12 Winter Dog Hacks That Will Make You A Cold-Weather Ninja

Winter Dog Hacks Dog Jacket

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12 Winter Dog Hacks That Will Make You A Cold-Weather Ninja


To help you out we have come up with these 12 winter dog hacks to help you conquer cold weather with Ninja-like skills.

If you have any tips we missed, leave them in the comments and we will add them to a future list!


Winter Dog Hacks #1 – Frozen Water Bowl


Winter Dog Hacks 1 Frozen Pet Water Bowl

It’s normal to think that hot water takes longer to freeze, but no! Hot water actually freezes faster.

If you want your pup’s water bowl to last longer, then use basic cold tap water for your dog. Brilliant!


Winter Dog Hacks #2 – Wiping Down Your Pup


Winter Dog Hacks 2 Dog Paws

Winter is almost worse for dirty paws than summer. They can pick up rock salt, antifreeze & other toxic chemicals. Yuck.

Give them a good wipe with a damp towel. Then, check for any signs of injury or bleeding from walking on the snow and ice.


Winter Dog Hacks #3 – Booties or Vaseline for the Paws


Winter Dog Hacks 3 Pitbull with Booties

We know there are some of you out there who are dying to put little boots on your dog. Well, now is your moment. They are the best way to protect your pooch’s paws from salt and ice.

We especially recommend it for little dogs. But please don’t embarrass the dignified older gentlemen. (Like the fella pictured above!)


Winter Dog Hacks #4 – Let Them Get a Little Stinky


Winter Dog Hacks 4 Dog in Bathtub

We bathe our puppers like crazy! And sometimes we overdo it. 

So it is helpful to remember in winter that you should reduce the number of baths. This allows their skin to produce natural oils. These oils reduce any chance of dry and flaky skin.


Winter Dog Hacks #5 – Skip the Groomer


Winter Dog Hacks 5 Dog with hair in eyes

That’s right. Let Fido’s hair grow! You get a lower grooming bill and they get a nice extra layer of warmth.


Winter Dog Hacks #6 – More Food, Please!


Winter Dog Hacks 6 Hand Giving Treat to Dog

Get this, pets burn extra energy by trying to stay warm in the wintertime. Feed your pet a bit more during the cold weather months, to help refresh that energy!

And make sure your fuzz ball has plenty of water to drink. This will keep him well hydrated and his skin less dry.


Winter Dog Hacks #7 – Use a Tarp to Create a Dog Path


Winter Dog Hacks 7 Pug in Jacket

Now we aren’t going to point fingers, but we’ve come to know some dainty pups in our years of working with pets. You try to take them outside and they look at you, raising a soggy, cold paw in the air as if to say, “Ahem. Really? You want me to walk in this?”

The best solution we discovered is to lay down a piece of tarp. It’s brilliant! Your pet stays warm. And you don’t have to worry about them tracking water and snow into your house or car. When you’re done, all you have to do is peel up the tarp for the next time. 

You can thank us later!


Winter Dog Hacks #8 – Check Out your Furnace or Heater


We’ve all heard the warnings about Carbon monoxide. But it is dangerous stuff.

This odorless, tasteless, invisible, and deadly chemical creates serious human health problems. Same goes for your pets.

It’s good to have your heating unit checked once a year for any possible leaks or malfunctions.


Winter Dog Hacks #9 – Keep Them Warm & Play Dress-up


Winter Dog Hacks 9 Small Dog in Jacket

There is more to pet winter clothing than outdoor boots! One of the most fun winter dog hacks is buying doggy sweaters or repurposing old kids clothing for your pup.

There is such adorable doggy clothes out there.

Unfortunately, there’s a limit to how much warmth a sweater or jacket will provide. Dogs lose most of their body heat through the pads of their feet, ears, and respiratory tract. But we still think pets in sweaters are the cutest!


Winter Dog Hacks #10 – Car = Fridge


Winter Dog Hacks 10 Dog with Face Out of Car Window

Don’t leave your dog in the car. Just don’t. It’s a terrible idea in the summer and as bad in the winter. Leaving your dog in there for few minutes can cause real harm, especially if it is an older, frail pup. We know you know better. Right?


Winter Dog Hacks #11 – Prepare for Worse Weather


Winter Dog Hacks 11 Dog with Bone

Obvious, we know. But normal cold weather can always get worse. It can turn into dangerous, serious winter weather, like blizzards and power outages.

We are all about preparation here at Sit Boo-Boo.  A disaster/emergency kit for your pet is a must to include with the family kit.

Gather enough food and water to get through at least 5 days. Also, collect your pup’s prescription medicine and any heartworm and flea preventives. We also recommend chewies and toys so they don’t get bored!


Winter Dog Hacks #12 – TLC!


Winter Dog Hacks 12 Dog in Blanket

Last but not least, your pup needs extra hugs and attention. And what better way to keep warm in winter than cuddling with your furry friend!

Dogs love cuddles – so we are serious about the extra hugs!


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